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Upon his arrival back to the Proxima 1a,Kappa 33975 immediately inform the home base of the ISS that the Aliens destroyed and killed all the Kappa's on the mining post 353 in the Proxima 3b.The return message was again little bit suspicious and seems like they still refuse to believe that some intelligent Alien form attacked and destroy our base  but this time Kappa 33975 have the strong and compelling evidence,not just some blurry videos and pictures no for the first time we have the actual body of the dead alien....

ISS wanted to get that body ASAP and they send the ship from the closest research center to the Kappa 33975 home-base and the ETA was expected to be in the 47 Earth days.....

Kappa's are prohibited to use the weapons on their mining posts they never have any kind of deadly force so the ISS engineers have the idea and send the instruction and the blue print to the Kappa 33975 how to modified Bosch Mining Hand-drill and make it similar to the plasma gun....also now Kappa will be able to use those mining drones as Guard-drones and they can also help as the sophisticated defence system.... 

Few Earth days passed and Kappa 33975 received again SoS message from one of the friendly mining post in the Proxima 2b,now the alien attack was much more closer to his home base and just on the edge of the Dark Transit ....
Now Kappa 33975 was ready to go and visit Dark Transit again but this time He was also ready to Strikes Back!!!


-There is a two version of the game 128kb version with awesome tunes made by Mmcm and Kuvo and 48kb version with NO music

-Hey ty for playing Dark Transit If you enjoyed playing the First part I can only hope that you will love to play as Kappa 33975 once again
 This time our hero will have the possibility to strike back so he can shoot at enemy and use his Guard-Drone to protect himself

Q-UP(thrust)keep it pressed to fly around

-To use Remote Console or Driller you need first to call inventory 1 then choose what you want to use and press space and the when the object
 is dropped press A and you will use it and pick it up

-Navigate and kill as much aliens as you can try to stay alive,collect diamonds as a bonus so that Kappa can buy himself a new home,
 activate nuclear reactor at the end and destroy mining base and all aliens in it

-Use your modified Plasma-Bosch-Driller-Gun to kill the Aliens and their drones but be careful because that gun is not effective against Native 
 animals Corgs and alien vertical drones

-Use your Guard Drone to kill enemy's however acid from Aliens will cause temporarily malfunction
 and your guard drone will be unavailable until you reach next screen

-Read game manual and prologue story for the rest of the game details

-Visit our Youtube channel Goliat eXperience

-Try and Play First  DARK TRANSIT

-Special THX to the Modern ZX-Retro Gamming

-Also visit Sinclair Society Facebook page

-Read detail game description in PLANETA SINCLAIR

-Few Words From Author-

-This is my second game for Speccy and I will do my best to continue my work and publish more new Zx Spectrum games and ofcourse I will  always try that my products stay Free and Open to everyone but in this reckless times any donation and help from you will be very much appreciated!!!

-Stay Safe and play Games/ZX Spectrum Forever!!!!

-Have a Fun!!!

-Game Released in March 2021 
-Game made by:Sasa Bjedovic AkA/Goliat
-Music By:MmcM  &  Kuvo 

                                                        @Goliat eXperience Games 2021


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Hey Speccy FANS Thank You very much for playing Dark Transit pls. share your opinions about the game do you like it  or not, is it difficult or is it to easy, did you encounter some posible bugs  and do you want to see one more sequel with Kappa in action?